CLEAN ART  englishitaliano

CLEAN ART is a national competition that required the participants to present a realized work only with recycled or recyclable materials.

In this edition with my work KIKI – PANDORA’S THEME, I was voted second by the public jury.


Never open the Pandora’s Box which contains all the evil of the world!

And if we transform this box into something else, a human body for example, in the harmonious feminine body to be precise, what would happen? All the evil, but also the beautiful, the abortion and the wonder would come out. An electric plug, as much dangerous as it is useful, the security of a lock that can preserve as much as it can imprison, a condom that can save, a black Christ that make you distrust. From Kiki, all the thoughts come out in solid. The materialization of all that wanders freely in the head, expelled by the belly in substance, be it negative or positive.