I don’t know what to do without my Moleskine, which is unforgettable in my bag. I can put anything inside it; fragments of every kind; notes of travel, reflections, venting my feelings, photographs, drawings, collage, stories, deadlines, what to do, what not to do, memories, sentences that run through me, sentences that heat me up.

I can use it wherever I want, filling up every empty moment of my day. It is my everyday life on paper, every day it marks my skin like I mark it with my pen. Time perches on its pages rendering them experienced and precious. One of the things I take delight in are the drawings. I like to miniaturize every image in order to fit it inside the diary (14 x 9cm): it is a challenge to draw things in an articulated and clear way in a small restricted space.

The Moleskine art explosion is a series of drawings and collages chosen from my Moleskine. They are creations thanks to which I sweep continuously for subject and style, each time being able to experiment with new solutions. Inside the series there is the mini series Kumbha Mela, in honor of one of the most important hindu gatherings of today. The illustrations have been scanned directly from my diary, and for this that each piece might appear enliveningly naked and imperfect in its craftsmanship.