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Andrea Poletto was born in Vicenza on 30th March 1973.

The moment his hand was able to hold a pen, he started to draw and like all children he could draw uninhibited without any artistic influence, drawing for emotions and colors giving life to the best part of himself. He was almost giving it up when at 9 years, he came to know of Andrea Pazienza who would be his first great inspiration; his art would be spoiled, but it was already too late, since it has already turned into something so necessary as a means of communication and therapy. From then on, he has always continued his research for new salvific images.



Exhibitions and others…

He exhibited with different persons in various locales in Vicenza: at Zanza, where on the first floor, one plays and on the third floor, one does theater, until arriving at Bozombo, where the crowd was dancing for electro-hardcore music, and was dancing until a round-up took it away.

He held a personal exhibition at the expositive locale/ gallery La Cueva in Milano.

He illustrated for the book Il Grande Tritacarne by Lukha Kremo Baroncinij.

He published illustrations for the magazine Zero 2 that have been exhibited at the Triennale di Milano.

He participated, along with video-projections in the collective exhibition Where is 107? in Milano.

In 2008, he held a personal exhibition De Morte Vitaque at the PrimoPiano gallery in Vicenza.

In 2008, he held a personal exhibition Vuoti at the Lioy 10 bar in Vicenza.

He participated in the national competition Clean Art 2009 (7th -28th June, 2009) at the PrimoPiano Gallery in Vicenza and was voted second according to the public jury.

He collaborates with the magazine Ruggine.

In 2010 exposed with exhibition IdentitĂ  in Lioy pub in Vicenza.

In 2011 exposed with exhibition NegAttivo in Di_segnolibero gallery in Vicenza.

Very thanks to Sheerja for english translations.