VUOTI  englishitaliano

This series is composed of some Polaroid bases that are overlaid with black sketch pen and iron tools to engrave wherever fingertips are not used directly. All these are shown in various formats although the standard format is actually 20 x 30 cm. They are then covered with Plexiglas over a metal frame to give an industrial look that is inspired by the artistic movement made of images, sounds, mechanisms, performance and words that were a reaction to the great depression, which wasn’t just an economic one that hit the United Kingdom in the 80’s.
With this project I hope to convey and bring to light my despair for the darkness of our new century that is characterized by new and complex forms of anguish and madness. When I had finished this series I had not yet imagined the further decline that would clench the throat like a bite from our immediate present, and so I clearly explore it now like a dutiful preamble to something that is (not) there. At the core, that which I want to express as a warning with these images is a discouraging loss of values that are drastically compensated by comfortable and reassuring choices that have never been analyzed.
In order to not leave us in the void, something that is uncomfortable, yet heralding, if we could only hold on to new ways of reasoning, strategies and salvific ideas, our dear society would ceaselessly assist in filling us with distractions, and with colors that at the end, we discover that are merely soap bubbles that turn our brains lazy with an impotence that makes us ignorant prisoners. We are continuously tempted by a vacuous and pocket-sized culture and every acceptance of it thereupon makes that bullet rip us apart and from then on everything crumbles, leaving mere filaments beyond which I see only darkness.
So the face, at the end, will be nothing but an outline of a void, of darkness, something that no longer belongs to itself. To call into question, to put customs and duty over every single thing slowly leads to nullification of free judgment – sadly, a concept that is obsolete but essential to a correct judgment of our own selves.
We are made also of that which we have lost or which we have never had.

A cat that delivers prematurely has kittens that are blind. If she only waited and reflected a little, her kittens would be able to see. We can.