IL GRANDE TRITACARNE  englishitaliano

Il Grande Tritacarne is a book by Lukha Kremo Baroncinij (pseudonym of Gianluca Cremoni Baroncini) enriched by a series of my illustrations. The author has been the curator of the unconventional-mechanical fanzine Avatär of which 14 editions have been published and is also the creator of the sci-fi website and is the writer of innumerable stories and of two books of the same theme. The second is exactly Il Grande Tritacarne.

We got to know each other in an evening at La Cueva, the expositive locale/underground gallery in Milan. Underground in the real sense of the word given that it is an underground labyrinth almost like a catacomb. Our collaboration started there. That evening, I had a couple of books with me and Gianluca got to see them and was so struck by it that he wanted some illustrations which were already realized and some more for his latest book that he was finishing.

Like a visual epilogue for the book, he wanted ICONA, renamed for the occasion. Dark beginning, one of the realized ones. It is the one of the homepage and in fact, the summary of all my work: I don’t know why, but at times it is better to keep quiet about one’s sentiments that only by expressing them would lose their intensity.

There are a dozen works and they are made with Indian ink or with pencil.

Along with the book is a cd-rom with its soundtrack composed by important musicians in the world of electronic, noise and industrial music, with Sogno ricorrente, a video of Delikix and with a portrait of my illustrations titled Sogni di Pepsi. Il Grande Tritacarne is conceived as a multi-media work to be read, seen and heard.