ARMONIE  englishitaliano

I am a lover of nature: animal, vegetal, human. Each day surprises me and I am continuously intrigued by it (my curiosity can never be exhausted by death). I am interested in everything from micro-organisms to the human mind.

Nature, alas, is not perfect although being harmonious with its three primary elements: human/vegetal/animal. Well distinct elements, and that’s why the use of slashes. From here, I go to my project titled Armonie. The objective is to create a harmonic link between human and animal, human and vegetal, animal and vegetal, taking off the slash which separates them. I search for this link with an image that strikes you without many explanations, that makes you sense that the three elements are in harmony with itself, but also between each other, they are a unicum that pulsates with life.

Until now, I worked on human and animal and on vegetal and animal. To be more clear about my objectives, I will talk about the pieces of the series which is still into being.

Regarding human and animal, I have numerous study sketches and only three complete pieces: Elefante (pencil, pantone background on wood), Maiali (enamel on ceramic) and Larva (chalk and pencil on wood). The elephant, inside its pen, does not feel a sense of imprisonment by the circus, but feels like in a play-pen, and is a baby without tusks with the ears behind and is not put in the classic position, but in a position which would remind us of a baby; the pigs cuddle each other like two lovers; the larva, curled up in its egg, reminds one of a human fetus.

Regarding vegetal and animal, I have a series of photographs subtitled Animal Landscapes. To have them, I traveled to Egypt, to Red Sea. These waters host one of the two barrier reefs, the other being in Australia, which is the most beautiful in the world. The corals seem vegetal, plants that sprout between the rocks, but in reality are animals. Also here, there is a research of a harmonious link that gives sense to the unicum. I chose to realize them printing them in the negative of the negatives. I liked the rusty color that resulted, the idea of giving a dreamlike atmosphere to an underwater landscape, suspended, desolate but instilled with a new life by this nature not easily identifiable. It is mainly for this that it is deliberately minimal. The output is such mainly because I want the eyes to be free to perceive other imaginary landscapes.

A tree in spring can look like a thin face with a dense hairstyle. A tree in winter can look like a body with a thousand arms searching for semething.