DOGS  englishitaliano

Dogs, necessarily dogs. The only animal that is able to enter in a relationship with a man with an intimacy so profound that it seems miraculous. Splendid in their multiplicity of races. Some that are sweet, some capricious, some awkward, some that are scary to look at, some that are scary in the way they behave, some agile, and some sluggish, some exuberant, some timid, some that are pleasant to see but unpleasant when they act, some that are unpleasant to see but pleasant when they act, some amusing, and some that are serious et cetera, et cetera, et cetera

The ones which always bring security that they gift us called fidelity. Even if the owner does not deserve it.

This is a series that will always remain incomplete: I love dogs, and I love staying with them and I love representing them. I depict them on various materials: paper, wood, ceramic.